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A Chicago Love Story Video can be as creative and special as you like, reflecting your own unique personality as a couple. Some Love Stories in Chicago, for example, are produced as a music video, shot on-location with you and your fiancee at your favorite settings. Others may take the form of an indoor, or outdoor, interview session that also features important family photographs, even video clips. Still others combine the two styles.
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Whether you prefer your video to have a classic, story-telling approach, similar to TV programs such as WE's "Biography" or a fast-paced, highly-stylized "MTV" look, you can find a great Chicago Wedding Videographer who will find your taste and style.

Chicago Videographers can capture the "Story Behind the Scene" of your wedding in ways that just weren't possible even three or four years ago. Today, some Chicago brides opt for video coverage to begin on the morning of their wedding, while others begin coverage far in advance.

Coverage may start with video of the planning stages of your wedding, the story behind your engagement, or your own special music video. You may also want to consider coverage of your rehearsal dinner. Many brides also prefer a special short-form photo/video montage that combines childhood and engagement photos and memories, which is shown at the reception during desert.

From very simple to very complete, your videography options today are exciting, elegant and unlimited! And each can be completely tailored to suit your individual needs and requests. Instead of booking a limousine for 2 or 3 hours and getting a ride to the reception you can hire a Chicago Wedding Videographer and get memories for a lifetime.
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